Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Synchronize your smartphone with the iAtomic watch

Atomic AtomTime watch, a timepiece relying on the Internet to synchronize the time, is a perfect substitution for the Radio Controlled watch which has a specific requirement for the signals. The truth is a half part of the world has no transmitters, while people who want accurate time can come from anywhere. Now those who live in Africa, Russia, most part of Asia, South America, Canada, Australia where there is no transmitter at all, or even areas where transmitters are located but still suffer from problems such as signal inconsistency and signal block, they have the chance to regain control over time as this atomic watch makes it much easier to catch every second.
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With Internet growing popularity in the world, the number of world population who can enjoy the benefits of Internet is sure to keep rising, which means it is getting more difficult to find a spot where the atomic AtomTime watch will not work. Unlike the Radio Controlled watch whose time calibration is geographically limited, the atomic AtomTime watch is able to offer the most accurate time as long as a smart phone or computer is accessible to you, not to mention these two technologies are penetrating people’s life at a higher speed more than we can ever imagine. The idea of no more missing a plane or being late puts people’s mind at ease when they gain the upper hand by controlling time.

Besides accuracy, another remarkable feature of this watch is its simplicity. It is as simple as facing the atomic watch to a smart phone or computer for few seconds in order to complete the synchronization.
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And it is not only the Internet that helps the watch maintain accurate, an embedded intelligent microchip can adapt to the environment change and automatically adjust the watch movement, eventually reducing the time error to one second compared to the 15-second error of a normal watch. 

As the iatomic AtomTime watch relies on Internet to calibrate the time, you might wonder what will happen if there is no Internet. The answer is it will still synchronize the time with your phone or computer but without the guarantee of the accuracy up to one microsecond.

There are numerous watch manufacturers on this planet. Some make the luxury ones. Some care about new technologies. Some put tremendous efforts into the watch appearance. AtomTime does not compete for the most expensive one, but for the most accurate one, the most high-tech one, and the most masculine one. 

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