Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Referral Contest Win 10 Free watches!!

  Come join our new Referral Contest!

10 Exquisite AtomTime Smartphone Flash Synchronized watches are about to drop from the heaven!! Are you willing to catch it, or them?

- It’s a 14-day campaign! What are you waiting for?

The rules are simple! Anyone worldwide can participate! 10 FREE watches will be given away


1st ever developed Watch whose time can be synchronized with Smartphone

1st place: 3 FREE watches 
2nd place: 2 FREE watches
3rd place: 1 FREE watch
4rd place: 1 FREE watch
5th place: 1 FREE watch
6th place: 1 FREE watch
7th place: 1 FREE watch

Referrers of what and how? You may ask? And here is your answer!

1. TECH BLOGS/FORUMS: Present us to a popular tech blog and publish an article about us, 10 points will be yours!

2. NEWS ARTICLES: Present the iAtomic watches to a popular news website, and an article is published, 10 points, yours again!

3. Gadget Forums/Blogs: Present the iAtomic watches to a popular gadget forum/blog, and an article is published, 10 points, score!

4. Share Our Indiegogo Campaign: Share our campaign  with your friends, that’s how easily you can earn 2 point!

Please visit our FACEBOOK page to find the daily updates and status

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