Friday, April 19, 2013

The i-Atomic Watch is a “Smart” Watch!

Because of the Intelligent Microchip inside, the i-Atomic Watch is a “Smart” Watch!

The launch of the i-Atomic watches by AtomTime Suisse sa has astonished the watch industry in the field of high-tech watches, along with making people wonder, at a time when no company is qualified to conquer the signal-receiving problems that have been bothering the Radio Controlled watches ever since their appearance, how AtomTime made it. The answer is summed up in two words: “Internet” and “microchip”. Given a large amount of information on online synchronizing has already been provided; the focus will be shifted to the intelligent microchip inside. With all the expectations concentrating on this small component, now the answer is about to be unveiled!

An integrated circuit artificial intelligence chip, which can adapt to the environment change and adjust the watch movement, is embedded. It is highly sensitive, able to recognize the subtle temperature and location change. Normally a watch has a tendency to move unsteadily when the surrounding temperature deviates from 25(298K). Under these circumstances, the intelligent microchip will automatically memorize the deviations, giving orders to the watch that it should move slower or faster.

At the same time, the intelligent microchip will keep a close record on each calibration. The first synchronization brings absolute accuracy to the watch. For example, one month later during which the weather is cold, the watch might be 10s faster than the real time. Not only will the second synchronization re-tune the watch, but also it can send the inaccuracy message to the microchip. In this way, the intelligent microchip will command the watch to adapt itself to move slower, probably leading to the watch being 7-second slower than the real time at the end of the second month.

Hence besides putting the precision of the watch back on track, the third calibration updates the memory status of the intelligent microchip, making the watch realize that it should move a little bit fast this time. The subsequent deviations will be +5s, -3s, +3s, -2s, +1s, -1s, +1s, -1s, +1s, -1s…Eventually the average error maintains within 1 second per month considering most of the quartz watches can only guarantee to be +/- 15/month accurate. And the longer the watch is worn, the more accurate it becomes.

Figure 1 Self-regulating time process

This unrivalled technology, protected by patents. Every component of an i-Atomic watch is meticulously made with an aim to help you catch every second of your life. And we mean it! Every second! No matter where you are and how is your surrounding environment, in four seasons, in freezing or blazing days, in Russia, in Africa, in South America or in any corner of the world, the i-Atomic watch is with you to capture the precious moments of your life by the count of seconds!

I believe i-Atomic watch will be a perfect substitution for the Radio Controlled watch because of its strong connection to the whole world; it’s anytime synchronization and its customized simplicity. The i-Atomic watch merits more attention because for the first time in history it brings the concept of being precise anytime to every part of the world. Not only do the i-Atomic watch correct time, but also it brings people closer as we are all connected in this world!

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