Sunday, April 14, 2013

Top 6 Reasons to Buy an AtomTime Atomic Watch

No.1 accuracy of milliseconds – BEST substitution for a Radio Controlled watch

The online synchronizing system makes it possible to display accurate time anytime within milliseconds anywhere, breaking completely away from the geographical limitations encountered by the Radio Controlled watches. Each synchronization brings the accuracy within one millisecond. No transmitters, no signals, no wifi, no bluetooth, no RFID needed.

No.2 It is a SMART Watch

The embedded intelligent microchip can adapt to the environment change and automatically adjust the watch movement, eventually reducing the time error to 1 second compared to the 15-second time error of a normal watch.

No.3 Simplicity

It is as simple as facing the atomic watch to a smart phone or a computer for few seconds in order to complete the synchronization.

No.4 It can be brought anywhere

If you fly among different time zones, the AtomTime atomic watch is a better companion which can easily track down the accurate local time. No longer being late. No more missing a plane.

No.5 Not afraid of water

The water resistant ability of an AtomTime atomic watch is 10ATM. As a majestic-looking watch representing men’s masculinity or women’s independence, it is capable of handling some extra toughness.

No.6 Long battery life

Without consuming any power on signal-searching, the lithium battery of an AtomTime atomic watch enjoys a long and trouble-free life expectancy of 3 to 5 years.

I hope the above tips will enhance your trust and affection for the AtomTime Atomic watches with absolute accuracy, user-friendly simplicity and smart technology, leading you to making the right decision of buying a watch with which you are satisfied. 

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